Don’t “Pretty Print” the Filter Section of Your BizTalk Bindings Files: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00CE557

Watch your bindings files!  If you do the typical thing and export your BizTalk bindings files from the Management console, be careful not to “pretty print” the Filter portions of the output when looking at it.  Doing so may cause BizTalk to generate the following:

Could not enlist send port YOUR_PORT_NAME Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00CE557

BizTalk doesn’t like having a CrLf as the first character in the Filters section.  So if you’re taking a peek at the bindings file, be careful when you’re using a word processor or text editor other than Notepad and especially so when using the Visual Studio XML editor!

Thanks to Shankars  for the helpful post that discusses this problem!

Should you accidentally load the file in the VS XML editor or a text editor that likes to “help” you with a pretty-print, you can  fix this problem without re-generating the bindings file.  Simply delete the CrLf characters in the first part of your filter definition in the file. Just delete the characters until the first character in the filter is flush with the <Filter> tag.   There is no need to put the entire filter on a single line as mentioned above.

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