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Twin Cities Connected Systems User Group – November 17th

Please join us for the Twin Cities Connected Systems User Group from 6:00 to 7:30 on Thursday November 17th 2011 at the Microsoft office in Edina MN

Note that the Microsoft office has moved from Bloomington to Edina.  The new address is:
3601 West 76th Street
Suite 600
Edina, MN  55435-3019 

Juan Arriaga will be presenting on Implementing Polling and Event-Driven consumers with the WCF SQL Server Adapter

Please see the User Group website for more information.

Please register at the following site

The meeting is sponsored by my employer, RBA Consulting.

Technical Debt in Agile Projects

It seems that on almost every project I’ve worked, we end up with a number of TODO’s left over.  These things can be as simple as basic code cleanup, or full-on refactoring that would help the application perform better.  We often take short-cuts, usually for good reasons, that we wish we hadn’t.  Over time these things pile up and we create quite a bit of technical debt.

A friend passed this article, Technical Debt a Perspective for Managers, by Mark Levison on to me that pretty acurately describes how we accumulate such technical debt, particularly in agile processes, and some tips on how to manage it.

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