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Adding Well-Formed XML and DTD Schema Generation Support for BizTalk 2010

Generating schemas from well-formed xml has been a standard piece of the BizTalk developer’s toolbox.  However, this capability, although available since BizTalk 2004, has never been installed by default.  Why?  No one seems to know and even in BizTalk 2010, this functionality is still missing until you install it yourself.

Here are the steps:

  1. Drill down to the BizTalk installation directory and locate the SDK\Utilities\Schema Generator sub-directory in Windows Explorer (likeC:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\SDK\Utilities\Schema Generator).
  2. Execute the scripts InstallDTD.vbs and InstallWFX.vbs.  In some of the previous installations in BizTalk, you’d be done here.  However, in BizTalk 2010, you’ll also need to complete the step below as well.
  3. Copy and paste the files Microsoft.BizTalk.DTDToXSDGenerator.dll and Microsoft.BizTalk.WFXToXSDGenerator.dll to
    <BizTalk Installation Directory>\Developer Tools\Schema Editor Extensions

After having done that, you’ll be able to generate schemas from well-formed XML and DTDs as before.

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