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Azure Logic Apps: 405 – Method Not Supported Errors from HttpListener

This one starts with a joke:

A gentleman walks up to a wall and starts banging his head against it.  Hard.  In fact, he bangs his head so hard, that people around grow concerned and one person says to him, “Sir, why do you keep banging your head against the wall?”  He replies, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

So, like the gentleman in the above joke, I’ve been (figuratively) banging my head against the wall while trying to figure out how to invoke a Logic App I have deployed to the Azure cloud via an HttpListener.

I was using a PostAsync() call on the HttpClient to invoke the listener, but kept getting a 405 - Method Not Supported exception from the service. I was pretty sure POST should have been allowed! After checking the address, double-checking all the configurations, and so forth I couldn’t figure out why I would get the response I got (hence, the figurative banging of my head against a wall).

As is often the case, I found the answer in a post on an MSDN forum. When I copied the URL from the API definition of my HttpListener in Azure, it began with http instead of https, which was required.  A simple mistake and easy to miss.

After making the URL correction, adding an “s” to http, my calls to the service worked just fine.

And it feels really good now that I’ve stopped banging my head against the wall.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure API Management

Just recently I presented “Getting Started with Microsoft Azure API Management” at TechFuse 2015 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Thanks to all those who attended!  For those who may just be interested, you may find my PowerPoint slides from the presentation here

Presenting at TechFuse 2015

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been selected as a speaker at TechFuse 2015!  The conference takes place at the Minneapolis Convention Center on April 21, 2015. I’ll be presenting “Getting Started with Microsoft Azure API Management”  in the Development track.  As usual, presentation slides and sample code will be available on this site sometime after the conference. If you’ve got a day to take in some awesome tech content, come by and check it out!  More info is available here:

See you at Twin Cities Code Camp #15!

As autumn is upon is, it reminds me that it is once again time for Twin Cities Code Camp on October 19th, 2013. This time I’ll be doing a presentation on using BizTalk’s rules engine from .NET clients.  There are a couple of articles on this site regarding the topic, but this presentation will be updated to use Visual Studio 2012 and BizTalk 2013.  We’ll also have an overview of BizTalk and the Business Rules Engine (BRE) for the uninitiated in BizTalk lore.  You’ll find an overview here.

I’ll be presenting my talk at 2:15 PM on October 19 in Room 56 in Rapson Hall on the University of Minnesota campus in the Twin Cities.  Code Camp always features a number of great sessions.  You may register here.  And as always, it’s 100% FREE!

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