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BizTalk Certification Exam (70-595) Guide Is Now Available!

I wish they had this when I was preparing for this cert… 

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Packt Publishing for getting this out.  If you’re looking at getting certified with BTS 2010, you now have at least one source outside of the the standard MSDN articles to help you.

Buy it here:

Azure Certified!

I just passed the Microsoft exam for Windows Azure (70-583).  Obviously because of the non-disclosure agreement, I can’t go into the specifics of what was on the exam but I found Chris Hay’s and Brian Prince’s book Azure in Action to be very helpful.  Just add some additional studies about AzureConnect, Data blob types, and legacy upgrades and you should be set!

Book Review: BizTalk 2010 Recipes-A Problem-Solution Approach

BizTalk 2010 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Mark Beckner is a great book for the BizTalk developer who would like a basic step-by-step instruction list or a reference book on how to perform most tasks in the BizTalk environment. BizTalk is a large and difficult product to learn and master and Beckner’s book provides a great resource for the beginning to intermediate level BizTalk developer to do just that.

The layout of the book is very straightforward. A standard BizTalk task is presented, step by step instructions are provided to complete the task and then an explanation of some of the major technical points is given. I found the first section of the book on the new features of BizTalk 2010 to be particularly useful and recommend it for any user of previous BizTalk versions to get up to speed.

Beckner writes in a very accessible style. The book is an incredibly easy read. The examples are appropriate and “real world” enough to be useful and the explanations are technically sound and understandable. It is also covers all the basic functionality within BizTalk–schemas, maps, orchestration, BRE, etc. as well as some of the less-used features such as EDI.

Although I really liked Beckner’s writing style and the step-by-step approach to performing BizTalk tasks, I felt that the book does in some ways falls short of the goal provided in the title. While I was looking for a resource for discussion and insight into solving more Business or Architectural oriented problems, I found the approach in BizTalk 2010 Recipes to be more of a run-down of BizTalk features and a description of how to use them.

That is a valuable service all in itself, and I highly recommend this book for that use. However, if you’re really looking for something to help with BizTalk “recipes” from a business problem or architectural patterns point of view, another book such as Seroter’s BizTalk SOA book might serve that purpose better.

BizTalk 2010 Recipes

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