Twin Cities Code Camp 16 – Call for Speakers

Twin Cities Code Camp 16 is set for April 5, 2014 and they’re looking for speakers.

From the TCCC leadership team:

1) We’ll take as many ideas as we get until March 1st. After that, we’ll select the sessions (hopefully we’ll have enough!). We should have about 7 rooms available so that means we need 35 sessions. We realize with those who would have to travel that this may be too short of notice, so we’ll try to give those out-of-towners enough notice if their session is in.
2) Send a title, abstract and bio to We need all of this with the submission you provide.

The Twin Cities Code Camp has been steadily growing in size since its inception in the Fall of 2006. The event, which takes place at the University of Minnesota, brings in over 300+ attendees. Our last two events had over 400 attendees! TCCC is a technology-agnostic event, so feel free to speak on whatever programming language/framework/technology/IDE/OS you want to. Everyone is welcome, so long as they want to talk about code. If you have any questions, please let us know. Also, please spread the word to other individuals that you think may be interested in speaking at this event.

To register for code camp (not necessary if you’re a speaker) go to

For more info check out

About Ed Jones

Ed is a .NET and Integration architect for Avanade in the Twin Cities. Contact Ed

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