BizTalk Server: Demystifying the Test Map operation in Visual Studio

Great article on map testing!

Sandro Pereira BizTalk Blog

In the past I wrote a series of post on Basics principles of Maps where I stated that testing should be a continuous process as you build your map, not only at the end of development, but when necessary or when an important mapping block is complete.

And the good thing is that this feature is available to developers in an easy manner and directly from our favorite development tool – Visual Studio – without the need to build and deploy the maps or even create and configure ports and test them in runtime.

Note that Visual Studio allows you also to Validate and Debug maps at design time.

For this we need to:

  • Open the Solution Explorer windows
  • And execute the test by right-clicking the map name and selecting “Test Map” option
  • Verify the results in the Output window.

By default an instance of the input schema is generated…

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