Johann Cooper’s got this great article on testing BTS Maps. A good read and well worth your time if you’re doing a lot of mapping.

Adventures inside the Message Box

The out of the box unit test framework for BizTalk maps leaves a lot to be desired. Effectively a Visual Studio map unit test is the equivalent of choosing to validate your map, which involves running an instance of an input message through your map and validating the output of the map against it’s schema. If you want to check the values in the output message then it is up to you to implement your own logic for this, and if you want to test variations in some of the elements in your input message then you really need to be creating and managing more copies of the input message which can quickly escalate into a management nightmare. This doesn’t leave one with the utmost confidence in their map when making changes to it, nor does it assure one that all the functional requirements are being catered for.

The BizTalk…

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