SSMS Tools Pack

Throughout my career, I have often fallen back into the world of SQL development.  I suppose this isn’t really that unusual as anyone who holds the role of Technical Architect or even .NET Developer should know a bit about SQL Server.  In my case it seems that I’ve been just good enough to get the job done so as a result, it becomes part of my job for small stretches of time. 

To help out, I’ve discovered a nice add-in developed by Mladen Prajdić called SSMS Tools Pack.  This tool allows you to generate some pretty nice CRUD stored procedures for your tables and also has a lot of other capabilities such as keeping code snippets and its own query analyzer.  Because it’s an add-in, after you install it, it just shows up as a menu item in SQL Server Management Studio.  

It’s definitely worth a look if you spend time doing SQL Server development.  Get it here.


About Ed Jones

Ed is a .NET and Integration architect for Avanade in the Twin Cities. Contact Ed

One response to “SSMS Tools Pack”

  1. Andrei says :

    Hi Ed, if you like toolspack, give a try to my tool: ssmsboost (.com). I have created it because I have missed even more features, like “go to definition”, connection management and some other. Will be glad to hear from you.

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