Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131942

My team was working on some pretty tight deadlines when this beauty showed up on a suspended message:

Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131942

That was all that was there–nothing else.  A quick web search turned up a few articles, with most pointing to something going on in the maps.  However, there are apparently a number of issues tied to this exception.  

In our case the  cause of this exception was trying to use “”  (empty quotes) to represent an empty string inside of a functoid.  You need to make sure that you just leave it blank.

So this:

Should have been this:

Easy, right?  As usual, the exception doesn’t always point to an obvious answer.  This is just one more thing to check for if you see it.

Also, thanks to Yair Z for a post that helped point us to maps.  Obviously, we had a different issue than he did, but you might find his info regarding xsl:imports useful if your cause of the error wasn’t the same as ours.


About Ed Jones

Ed is a .NET and Integration architect for Avanade in the Twin Cities. Contact Ed

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