Quirkiness from the ESB Toolkit Itinerary Designer: Why Can’t I Connect to an Off-Ramp Extender?

Now here’s a fun one…  when developing an itinerary we often find it necessary to re-arrange the order of our services (steps).  I’ve found that on many occasions, once I removed the connections between shapes to re-arrange them, I can no longer connect to the Off-Ramp Extenders. 

The first logical step to a solution would be to make sure that the services are represented in the correct order in the Send/Receive portions of the Off-Ramp.  However, simply re-arranging these did not solve the problem.  Still unable to connect…

I’ve found that two things will work:

  • You can simply delete the shapes from the Itinerary Designer and re-draw them, going through the entire process of configuring each shape again (NOT PREFERRED).
  • Or, you can remove them from their previous container by clearing out the container property for the shape.  You then re-assign the container to correspond to the correct On Ramp or Off Ramp (MUCH BETTER).

The ESB toolkit goes a long way in helping to realize a true ESB architecture in the Enterprise, but the tools still require a little maturity.


About Ed Jones

Ed is a .NET and Integration architect for Avanade in the Twin Cities. Contact Ed

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