Embedded Resources in BizTalk Orchestrations

Last week I was led to this excellent article by Scott Colestock  regarding the use of embedded resources as a way to host messages that you create and use over and over again.   In the past, I’ve done quite a bit of string building for these small one-off messages in my orchestrations.  However, it’s always been a pain to maintain and you usually take a small performance hit as well.

One way to make things more manageable is to add these Xml documents as embedded resources in .NET components.  This simplifies maintenance as well as creates an opportunity for improved performance if you cache the documents in memory.  It’s a nice technique, and even though it’s been around since BTS 2K4, I still find it quite helpful.  Here’s the link to Scott’s article which also includes the source code for an EmbeddedResourceCache class:



About Ed Jones

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