ResolverDictionary Item Keys and ESB Toolkit 2.0 BRE Vocabulary Equivalents

Pulling a list of resolvers within an orchestration is simple enough to do, but unfortunately, there’s not much help in identifying the keys needed to retrieve values for a ResolverDictionary.  This article provides a list of the items that are “baked into”  the Resolver Dictionary, and don’t require any additional work on your part to access (other than making sure they are populated in your BRE resolver):

Here is a list of  some of those items and their Vocabulary Equivalents in the BRE  Rule Composer (most are pretty obvious):

Context Message Type
Resolver.IsRequestResponse:  Context Is Request Response
Resolver.ReceiveLocationName: Context Receive Location Name
Resolver.ReceivePortName:  Context Receive Port Name
Resolver.TransportType:  Context Inbound Transport Type
Resolver.Action:  End Point WCF Action
Resolver.EndpointConfig:  End Point Config
Resolver.TransportNamespace:  End Point Transport Namespace
Resolver.TargetNamespace:  End Point Target Namespace
Resolver.TransformType: Transform Transform Type


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